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Why Use a College Advisor?

Determining the best choices for colleges can be a confusing and overwhelming process for students and their families. Highly individualized guidance from an experienced college advisor will help you to identify the best educational options — selecting a school that will offer both the academic and social climate that best meets the student’s needs.

The advantages of an independent college consultant include:
  • Working closely with a college advisor to help students know more about themselves, and determine the best college choices.

  • Scheduling college planning sessions early in the high school experience increases a student's awareness of the importance of making good choices with regard to academic course selection and achievement, comportment, co-curricular opportunities, and community involvement.

  • Recommending the best standardized test options and test preparatory options.

  • Assisting with the arrangements for college tours for students and families, providing materials and preparation to make the most of each visit.

  • Suggesting the best individuals to prepare letters of recommendation for each student; providing the appropriate forms and other materials for the referees.

  • Encouraging students to find their "voice" to distinguish themselves from other candidates for admission.

  • Directing interview skills training in preparation for college admission or job interviews.

  • Overseeing the timelines for submission of applications and completion of college essays.

  • Facilitating a match between a student and his/her future school to find the best "fit", and providing guidance to help students consider the colleges that appreciate the personal qualities that he or she has to offer.

  • Helping students and parents feel less anxiety and stress — contributing to family harmony!
  • Acceptance at a college where the student will be happy and successful!

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